I’m Sam, a scientist, entrepreneur, writer and, investor. I spend most of my time attempting to push boundaries and failing at something.

I host the Growth Mindset Podcast which exists to help make you happier, healthier, wiser and wealthier.

Following my curiosity has resulted in me interviewing billionaires and hitmen and doing things like:

  • Visiting North Korea
  • Hitchhiking across Kazakhstan
  • Living in the wilderness with no tech for 3 weeks
  • Spending 10 days silently meditating
  • Not eating for 5 whole days

This site hosts all of my explorations into:

  • Health, Body, and Mind
  • Business – Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Finance
  • Books – Breakdowns from the best and worst books created

I enjoy trying to make life more awesome and less awful and hopefully, this helps =]


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